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Bitcoin miner is too noisy. How to solve it?


Bitcoin miner is too noisy. How to solve it?
Bitcoin has created tremendous wealth. Mining is bound to use mining machines. Owning mining machines is also a painful thing. The huge noise is unbearable.
The noise of a miner is at least 70 dB. The closer the distance is, the greater the noise, let alone more miners working together. Noise is particularly evident in small mining sites such as homes or offices, which necessitates noise reduction, in addition to conventional methods such as sound insulation and fan replacement. Another very practical way is to refit water cooling.
Water-cooled heat dissipation for computers has proved very well that the characteristics of silence and high efficiency are very practical. For mining machines, water cooling heat dissipation is also applicable. It can absorb heat from the power board by water cooling plate, and then use large heat dissipation discharges for heat dissipation. The effect of noise reduction is very obvious. The noise of a mine after water cooling is only slightly greater than that of a PC, so that the miners will not be too noisy when they work together.

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